Grateful Patient Program

The Grateful Patient Program at Riverview Health provides a meaningful way for patients and their families to thank a Riverview Health staff member who played a special role in their care. Maybe it was a smile or kind words that brought you or a loved one comfort. Perhaps it was a life-saving procedure or treatment completed without a hitch, or maybe, it was the gentle hug from a nurse that made your child feel safe and secure. A contribution—large or small—celebrates the person who cared for you while also ensuring that future patients of Riverview Health continue to receive the highest level of care you experienced in your journey. Each gift will be acknowledged to the Riverview Health staff member, without any financial disclosure, to let him or her know of your appreciation.

If there is someone who truly made a difference in the care you received at Riverview Health, please consider making a gift in honor of that person while letting him or her know how much it meant to you.

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